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Featured Projects

Philadelphia, PA


As the longest running live-actor show in Philadelphia, "Freedom Rising" is an artistic, live production surrounding our Constitution.



Louisville, KY


Located at historic Churchill Downs, "The Greatest Race" is a 360-degree presentation of the Kentucky Derby and the life of a Derby winner.



Atlanta, GA


An 18-screen mosaic installation is the center piece of the CDC Global Communications Center.




Milwaukee, WI


A vast, open-space museum space filled with the sights, sounds, and history or Harley-Davidson Motorcycles.




CED Audio Server

Our custom-built and programmed audio server is based on the Richmond Sound Design SoundMan software. Using the hardware with our AMX SoundMan programming module allows for complete control over the audio including instantly routing inputs and playback files to multiple outputs, and adjusting the DSP and volume levels.


Jackson, MS


The first state sponsored Civil Rights Museum in the United States. The museum documents and educates the public on the  Civil Rights Movement from 1945-1970 through a jam packed

audio/video experience second to none.



CED Location Aware ADA Devices

CED has developed a custom app for Ipod/Ipad devices for both hearing and visually impaired visitors.  The app provides visual captions and earbud/inductive loop audio support for hearing assistance and automatically selects the program according to the visitors location in the facility.    The same app has features for visually impaired guests whereby an audio description explains the experience of each area of the facility.  The descriptor channel is initiated when the visitor walks past a trigger.  It can be paused, restarted and replayed by standard button pushes or shake gestures.


CED MuseumTour App

CED is currently in development of a commercial product that uses bluetooth beacons to determine visitor location and deliver location based audio and video content.  Visitors are able to drill down into more detailed information about the exhibit or artifact on display.  The vision is for a content rich version of the popular audio tour systems currently available.  Multi-lingual tours are easily integrated into the app.


Visitor Sensing + Audio Adjustment

Our Visitor Sensing controls are used in both audio and video playback exhibits. Using the Visitor Sensing technology in conjunction with the CED Audio Server provides the designer with the flexibility to instantly control the audio levels of exhibits as visitors enter and exit the space. This feature is great for use in areas that contain multiple audio sources.


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