CED is committed to providing innovative designs and solutions for your next museum project! As a design-build firm, we are able to provide systems that realize the collective goals of the owner through focused collaboration with the museum design and production teams. In contrast to many others in the industry, our principals also have extensive experience in AV production, which provides us with a full understanding of production processes and workflow, as opposed to being focused only on equipment and installation.


CED offers many innovative solutions to fit the end-user, museum staff, and producer needs. Listed below are just a few of the services we offer.. Find more information on our Customization page.

  • Utilizes custom CED/RSD Audio Servers in each project providing the producer with full processing and mixing capabilities on-site for soundtrack optimization in the museum space
  • Provides exact pixel mapping and complete production templates to the producer
  • Performs solar geometry calculations for all viewing areas
  • Our one-year warranty period after installation includes remote access monitoring from CED personnel