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Portal 31 Mining Exhibit, Harlan, KY. Below are a few highlights of technologies we've implemented. We were in charge of the original installation and have been maintaining and upgrading the exhibit since 2011 with a total revamp in 2023.

Stop 2: Media Repair

This display includes a DMX-controlled animatronic miner and a rear projection screen. The animatronic miner interacts with the miners displayed on the screen. The original media from 2011 has been upgraded to an AI-enhanced version, uncovering details that were not at all visible before.

Stop 3: Theatrical Projection

This theatrical projection is meant to simulate the mine workers in action. They are installing Brattice cloth which is used for manipulation and directing of mine ventilation, ensuring the safety of the miners. The projection is housed in a custom hard enclosure with HVAC for temperature control and protection from the precarious environment.

Stop 5: DMX Control

The exhibit for P31 includes a specially designed replica of a coal chute, demonstrating the journey coal takes during the mining process. It's built to last, controlled by DMX technology, waterproof, and requires virtually no maintenance, while seamlessly integrating with the entire show control.

Stop 8: Immersive Theater

Three projectors, mapped and blended to the coal walls, display scenes and historical images of the area. Two outdoor rated 75" 4K screens present a history of the mine, town, and their inhabitants. All projectors are protected from the damp mine environment by sealed HVAC controlled enclosures.


A few of our most relevant services are listed below. If you have a specific need, please reach out to us and we will do our best to accomodate your request.

Complete Systems Control

Experienced integration with all major control systems including Crestron, AMX, and Medialon.

Complex Displays

360° projection, edge blending, multi-projector systems, custom warping and mapping. We handle it all.

Interactive Programming

Touchscreen programming, custom GUI design, in-house graphics, streamline integration with software, as well as software to hardware interfaces.

IoT and Peripherals

Custom automation and control systems, including lighting, sound, video, electro-mechanical, and many others. We also offer custom hardware and software to run unconventional systems and devices.

Audience Aware

We offer a variety of solutions for audience aware auto adjustments. This includes lighting, sound, and video adjustments based on audience size and location.

4D Immersive Theaters

We specialize in 4D immersive theaters. Just like the post office, neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow will keep us from creating.

Our Projects

Flip through some of our favorite projects to get an idea of the types of jobs and the quality of work we provide. We are always looking for new challenges and opportunities to create something extraordinary.

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The Greatest Race at the Kentucky Derby Museum

The Kentucky Derby Museum

360° UHD projection

National Constitution Center

National Constitution Center

360° projection and drop down screen projection

National Great Lakes Museum

National Great Lakes Museum

Curved Projection interactive station

Moundeville Model at the Choctaw Cultural Center

Choctaw Cultural Center

3D historical model with interactive projection mapping

California Science Center mirrored, blended, hallway projection system

California Science Center

Mirrored, blended, hallway projection system

Center for Disease Control and Prevention large scale mosaic

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Large scale multi-projector/monitor mosaic

American Civil War Museum

Spherical projection mapping to complex geometry

'This Little Light of Mine' culpture at the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum

Mississippi Civil Rights Museum

30ft interactive led light sculpture

American Museum of Science and Energy

American Museum of Science and Energy

Double mapped interactive projection

Evan Williams Bourbon Experience

Evan Williams Bourbon Experience

Narrative animation lighting sculpture

Civil Rights Memorial Center

Transparent projection screen with DMX lighting

Bourbon Heritage Ledger

Bourbon Heritage Center

Rear projected interactive historical ledger

Choctaw Cultural Center

Mechanical AR touchscreen in faux forest.

Depth sensing camera interactive with email outreach.

Federal Reserve St. Louis

Depth sensing camera interactive with email outreach.

Eternal Gandhi Museum Houston: My Journey Interactive

Eternal Gandhi Museum Houston: My Journey Interactive

Simple webcam interface with sticker and email/text outreach integration.

Red Skelton Museum of American Comedy

Red Skelton Museum of American Comedy

Custom Node Brightsign programming and design

Heaven Hill Bourbon Heritage Center

Heaven Hill Bourbon Heritage Center

Moving multi-screen projection with full theatrical lighting

Flint Hills Discovery Center

Flint Hills Discovery Center

4D immersive and seasonal theater experience

American Civil War Museum Theater

American Civil War Museum Theater

Installation of multiplane,transparent, blended screen theater

National Museum of African American Music: Roots Theater

National Museum of African American Music: Roots Theater

Ultra wide 4k projection with 2 sliding HD accessory screens

Falls of the Ohio Interpretive Center: Orientation Theater

Falls of the Ohio Interpretive Center: Orientation Theater

Ultra wide 4k projection