We pride ourselves in being a solutions-based engineering company in the audio-video industry. Our commitment to the owner and end-user is above all our top priority. We not only want to achieve your goals, but make the systems user-friendly and robust. Our designs and installations are always custom to what the owner needs, even if it means inventing what we can't find!


CED Audio Server

Our custom-built and programmed audio server is based on the Richmond Sound Design SoundMan software. Using the hardware with our AMX SoundMan programming module allows for complete control over the audio including instantly routing inputs and playback files to multiple outputs, and adjusting the DSP and volume levels.


Visitor Sensing + Audio Adjustment

Our Visitor Sensing controls are used in both audio and video playback exhibits. Using the Visitor Sensing technology in conjunction with the CED Audio Server provides the designer with the flexibility to instantly control the audio levels of exhibits as visitors enter and exit the space. This feature is great for use in areas that contain multiple audio sources.

Other Customized Solutions:

Seamless Multi-Screen Projections

Production Templates and Pixel Mapping

Custom iPad and iPod Customer Controllers

Video Captioning on iPods

Custom Interactive Programming - Windows and Mac

Solar Geometry Calculations

Lighting Programming

AMX Control Programming

Media Compression and Editing

Mechanical-Solutions and Control for Screens and Other
Theater Effects